Mindful Mentoring - The launch of our virtual and online support for mental wellbeing

Jul 21, 2020

Mindful Mentoring - The launch of our virtual and online support for mental wellbeing

We live in stressful times. There is just so much in the news and social media to cause us to worry, and then there are the everyday stresses and strains of living as well! Would you like to increase your coping skills? Is there a way to connect with yourself, others and nature to increase wellbeing and resilience? Here’s your chance to be kind to yourself and to create a nurturing space for yourself. We can’t ‘magic away’ the struggles of everyday life, but we can increase our ability to cope and our strength to stand up and face adversity. 

Our Offer:
We are launching two different projects, being delivered virtually over Zoom, open to those aged 18+ living and working in Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland: 

Virtual 'Wellbeing' Sessions:

These sessions aim to introduce you to practical, easy to use, skills that can help to reduce stress and increase your ability to manage difficult emotions, anxiety and low mood.

Drawing on the NHS recommended ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ we will help you to use ‘life hacks’ and tips to live a more healthy and positive life. These include:

- Breathing and focusing techniques to help calm and centre
- Simple mindfulness meditation practices to focus and quiet the mind
- Visualisation techniques to increase feelings of wellbeing
- Movement and posture activities that can calm and settle emotions and ground you
- Learn how self compassion and self acceptance can be a key to wellbeing

You will be offered resources to take away and practice to help strengthen these skills.

Every Sunday 10am-12pm and Thursday 6.30pm-8.30pm from 2nd August - 11th October 2020 

'Mindfulness Plus' course:

Over 16 weeks, participants will be taught Mindfulness techniques aimed at learning to focus and quiet the mind. Simple guided exercises show participants how to increase feelings of calm and wellbeing. The course will progress to include various other mental health applications, such as movement, breath work, Emotional Freedom Technique and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy you can use in your own life and work. This course is particularly helpful for professionals looking to learn new skills and knowledge to share with others they may support.

Every Monday 5.30pm-8.30pm and Wednesday 1pm-4pm from 10th August - 25th November 2020

To register your interest and sign up, please visit: https://go-getta.org.uk/virtual-mindful-mentoring-sign-up

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