About us

Go-Getta CIC was initially established in response to cuts and closures to statutory and youth services. We strongly felt that leaving our children and young people unsupervised in their communities without guidance, support and role models, would heighten their vulnerability. We wanted young people to have a sense of pride and belonging, and for them to be instilled with the belief that they can achieve their potential... and that's where our name came from... we want every young person we support to be a 'Go-Getta'; someone who has motivation and drive to fulfill their potential and achieve greatness.

As an organisation, we actively target those young people who are often seen as disenfranchised, 'hard-to-reach' and challenging. Often, challenging behaviours can mean they become excluded from mainstream activity; school, sports clubs, youth clubs... even becoming shunned and isolated within their communities. We specialise in engaging these young people and helping them to integrate with their peers and community.