Social Impact

Go-Getta CIC is an organic, grassroots voluntary organisation that works flexibly to respond to the demand and need we encounter in our work; we're a small organisation with a big impact.

During 2018/19 Go-Getta CIC;

Supported 8149 local children and young people through our various projects and programmes

Worked as part of a network of multi-agency professionals and services in partnership to improve outcomes for some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people, and helped them to overcome issues around;

  • anti-social behaviour & criminality
  • child sexual exploitation
  • child criminal exploitation
  • domestic abuse
  • self-harm
  • substance abuse
  • homelessness
  • disengagement from education, employment and training
  • poor mental health
  • bullying
  • social isolation
  • living with a disability or neurodiverse condition
  • living in care

Young people, and the networks around them (including parents, peers, teachers, social workers, etc) reported significant improvements in their;

  • confidence
  • self-esteem
  • resilience
  • communication skills
  • ability to make more positive choices
  • emotional wellbeing and mental health
  • motivation
  • ability to self-regulate difficult feelings, such as anger, disappointment and anxiety
  • physical health and activity
  • relationships with others

They also reported reductions or cessation in;

  • youth-led ASB in their communities
  • becoming involved in criminality
  • using drugs and alcohol
  • becoming involved in disruptive or challenging behaviour within education or their community
  • vulnerability to being exploited by adults into high risk situations

17 young people were referred onto our alternative education provision and supported to successfully meet their goals, aided in their physical/emotional/social development and re-engaged in learning

anti-knife crime

59 anti-knife crime workshops and 26 assemblies were delivered across 24 schools, alternative education providers and young peoples' services, targeting 474 young people identified as 'at risk', affected by or involved in knife crime

Creative Writing workshops

19 Spoken Word and Creative Writing workshops were held with 52 young people who had never written or performed poetry before resulting in increased confidence, emotional intelligence, social communication and improved literacy skills

Mindfulness training

provided 103 adults with Mindfulness training and support to enhance and improve mental wellbeing

"Go-Getta are the only people I really trust; they've always been there for me since I met them five years ago. They never judge me and always give me really good advice, no matter how many times I come to them or what mistakes I make. Being helped by them has made a huge difference to my life - I'm no longer getting into trouble with the police, drinking or using drugs or hanging out with the people I know aren't good for me. My relationship with my mum has gotten much better. I feel like I could have easily ended up in prison or dead. I'm now working and looking to go back to college. I realise now the life I was living was only going to end up a bad way had it not been for their support."

- T, aged 18

"I'm ashamed to admit that I was at my wits end with my son. Our relationship was at breaking point. He was constantly kicking off at home, getting involved in all the wrong things and refusing to go to school. It ended up in him being excluded after he attacked another pupil and verbally abused the staff. He was referred to Go-Getta as part of his learning each week. He didn't really engage with adults and saw doing anything other than hanging around with the older lads off the estate as a waste of time. I was so relieved when he started engaging with his Go-Getta worker and trying new things. I could see as the months passed that his mood improved, that he would be more courteous and helpful at home and that he felt more motivated to do things. He has since enrolled onto a Level 1 college course to study Mechanics and is doing so much better. Go-Getta came along at just the right time for my son and I couldn't be more thankful"

- Mother of alternative education pupil aged 16

"Go-Getta’s work with young people is pioneering for the City and County. Their impact is clearly far reaching in terms of diversity of engagement. Their anti-knife crime project highlighted that their work has not just touched individuals but whole families from hugely diverse communities and backgrounds. To see so many different organisations and partnerships who support young people brought together to champion the young people to shape and bring this message to life is a testament to the creative methods Go-Getta use to inspire involvement"

- Amanda Hanton, Leicestershire County Council